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Floor Doctor Hard Floor Cleaner

MSRP: $199.99

NOW $159.99 

Our new Floor Doctor Hard Floor Cleaner is designed to spray, scrub, and extract spills and stains from sealed hard wood, tile, laminate and stone floors. We built the Floor Doctor Cleaner to be significantly better than today’s alternatives for washing floors. In fact, we hope it will be the ideal cleaning companion in anyone’s home.

It’s fast. The Hard Floor Cleaner quickly sucks up liquid spills while it cleans. The machine sprays a small amount of clean soapy water on the floor, scrubs with its motorized brush roll, then extracts the dirty water into a separate tank – all at once. So when the milk hits the floor, you can clean it up in one easy step – and unlike wet mops, it won’t leave a sticky, smelly mess behind.

It’s light. The Hard Floor Cleaner weighs about six and a half pounds and has a slim profile, which means it’s easy to keep on hand in your pantry to pull out and use in a hurry.

It’s easy. Just fill the clean water tank and the Floor Doctor machine is ready to go. With two cleaning modes, you can select quick-clean for everyday maintenance or boost mode for sticky spots and stains. It has a lithium ion battery that allows for up to 30 minutes of use – no cords to hassle with so you can take it from room to room with ease. The tanks, brush roll and nozzle can be simply removed for quick clean up in the sink.

It’s smart. It has protective rubber wheels that won’t scratch and provide good traction. It also comes with a storage tray to leave the machine in after use - so if there is a little water left in the machine it will collect in the tray and not leave a water mark on the floor.

Fast. Light. Easy. Smart. Try the Floor Doctor Hard Floor Cleaner yourself. We think you’ll love how easy it is to clean your floors when accidents happen.


$ 159.99

The Floor Doctor Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner is powered by Lithium battery technology to give you an average of 30 minutes of cleaning with one charge. This should cover 75 sq. ft. of cleaning – Twice the size of the average kitchen. When accidents happen or routine cleaning is needed, simply push forward in the wash mode to gently scrub away dirt then pull back to suck up the dirty water. With our convenient dual-tank technology, you can easily empty out the dirty water and refill the clean water tank for additional cleaning. The dual-tank design ensures that you never accidently put dirty water back on your newly cleaned floors.

Cleaning and storing the Floor Doctor Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner is as easy as 1-2-3. The water tanks and brush roll are removable and can easily be washed and dried to ensure you have a fresh machine for each use. The hard floor cleaner is the lightest weight hard floor extractor on the market which makes it easy to lift and store. The hard floor cleaner comes with a convenient tray to capture any residual water left in the machine after use to avoid pooling on your floor.

  • Lightweight: 6.6 lbs. 

  • Quick Charging System: Charges in 3.5 hours 

  • Removable Brushroll: Brush roll can be easily washed and dried to ensure a fresh machine for each use.

  • Cordless wash and dry technology: Quickly washes and dries easily leaving your floors clean and shiny without the hassle of a cord. 

  • Two Cleaning Modes: Allows users to control cleaning modes for the optimal level of clean for every cleaning occasion. The high setting is perfect for cleaning dried on and sticky spots while the low setting is perfect for quick cleanup of accidental spills.

  • Lithium Battery: Allows for up to 30 minutes of cleaning on sealed hard floors (wood, tile, laminate etc.).

  • Dual Tank Technology: Separates clean and dirty water so dirty water is never put down on the freshly cleaned floor.

  • Protective Rubber Wheels: Glide gently over surfaces without scratching sealed hard flooring.

  • Easy to Clean & Store: Tanks, brush and nozzle are easy to remove for a hassle-free clean.

  • Storage Tray: Collects residual water left in the machine to avoid pooling on the floor.

  • Limited One-Year Warranty